Getting Started

Your monthly subscription to LogicPanel enables access to premium features and full site access.

About LogicPanel:

By starting your monthly subscription to LogicPanel, your company becomes a parent company account. LogicPanel accounts have full access to premium site features including the ability to have clients and a CRM. Your clients can sign in for free and interact with your company through modules such as Ticketing/Helpdesk, Purchase Orders, Quotes and Contracts, Projects, and more!

Note: If you already had an account as a client company, your upgrade with let you keep all of your data. Your parent company will become a partner company, and you will continue be able to interact with them.


How to Get Started:

Create a payment portal account: Register on the Log In page

Once you are logged in, go to PRODUCTS and purchase your subscription subscription for LogicPanel.

Once your payment processes, your account will be created for you.
You will be notified when it is ready with your welcome package including a schedule voucher for a personal, one-on-one on-boarding session with our customer support techs.

What is LogicPanel?

LogicPanel is a planning, designing, and management tool for your IT system!

Here are the features you get with LogicPanel Pro plan vs a free client plan:

Free Client Account


Ability to create users that can log in to access the available modules for client accounts.


Create Support Tickets to your parent company, make comments, and stay notified on the progress of your ticket.

Internal ticketing option is available, with ability to escalate to parent company.


Place order requests, receive order invoices, and keep record of all of your orders with your parent company in one place.

Quotes and Contracts:

Review quotes sent to you by your parent company, sign the quote to approve it to become a contract. Reference and keep track of all of your contracts with your parent company in one place.


Projects can be viewed if shared with certain users by the parent company.

LogicPanel Pro Plan


Your users are permission based, letting you decide the permissions and available modules for each of your employees.

Accounting Center:

  • Billing and Invoices with Quickbooks API


  • Backups: IT support companies can record and manage backups 
  • Clients: Manage all of your clients, and create user accounts to let them log in to interact with your account.
  • Partners: Interact with other LogicPanel Pro Companies by adding partner companies.

Employee Center:

  • Employee Docs: Upload Documents organized by employee
  • My Time Off Log: Employees can request days off, view their time off history, and see how many are remaining. Super Admins can approve or Deny requests, and set allowed sick and vacation days per employee.
  • Timeclock: Employees can log in and out, Super Admins can use this data to process payroll
  • Vacation Calendar: Employees can claim vacation days, and see when other employees will be out of the office. Features an optional seniority claiming system.

Inventory Center:

  • Inventory: Keep track of your inventory. Ties in with the Orders module to properly adjust inventory when an order is created.
  • Purchase Orders: Create Orders and send invoices to your clients. Ties in with the inventory and reporting modules.
  • Vendors List: Keep track of your vendors, ties in with inventory to let you easily reference who you can re-order your supply from


Create projects for each department and assign to users. keep track of project progress and improve your team’s productivity! Option to share with clients in view-only mode.


Features reporting for all modules, as well as user and client activity.

Sales Center:

  • Commissions: Set up sales commissions with sales agent, sales manager, and appointment setter options.
  • Contracts: Keep track of all of your contracts. Features monthly/recurring charges and custom contract terms.
  • Quotes: Send quotes to clients or leads that convert into contracts upon client signature. Features an admin approval system.
  • Sales Leads: Sales team organization tool to keep track of leads, record notes, and convert into clients by creating quotes and contracts.
  • Services & Renewals:  manage your clients services, renewals, subscriptions, and purchases
  • Work Orders:  Create work orders to send your team to a customer location and manage their workflow.

Support Center:

  • Equipment Intake: Track when equipment has been loaned out to employees or clients
  • Tickets: Manage tickets created by employees or submitted by clients. Full help desk functionality including commenting, attachments, reporting, and more.
  • Timers: Users can create timers to record time spent on tasks. Timers created for client companies can be pulled in a monthly report to properly bill clients for support.

Settings: Set up your company’s account however it fits your needs! MFA for increased security, personalize your company experience with settings for each module.